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The perfect hobs for you

Whether you are a cook or just enjoy the art of cooking, a kitchen is not complete without the best type of hobs. The right choice for hobs will not just make your life easier but make your daily cooking a much enjoyable experience.
We know the joy of cooking at kitchenappliances.co.uk and we have all the different types of hobs for you to choose from. From ceramic hobs to gas hobs, we have it all. Just take your pick.

Ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs are electric with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. They’re easy to use and heat up quickly, but heat distribution around the bottom of pans isn’t as good as when cooking on gas.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs only heat the pan, which means you can touch the adjacent surface without burning yourself. Rather than the cooking surface heating up, a magnetic field is created between the pan and an element underneath the glass top. Because the pan rather than the cooking surface heats up, induction hobs are quicker than other types of hob, and are cheaper to run because they use only the precise amount of energy you need.

Gas hobs

Gas hobs are easy to control and give instant heat. You’ll find gas hobs in professional kitchens, and they’re popular with professional cooks.

Electric hobs

Electric plate hobs use traditional solid electric plates to heat pots and pans and come in at the lower end of the price range. You'll usually only find four-ring electric plate hobs, but if you're looking for a cost-effective hob option, they are worth considering.

We have a wonderful state of the art line of necht hobs to chose from that is sure to fit you perfectly as well. They are definitely going to give your kitchen that modern, industrial look that some home owners desire. We also have a variety of portable hobs for your pleasure. We have portable induction hob as well as portable electric hob (Yes, we didn’t miss anything!).

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Dream Services for You

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