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Let’s freeze it up

As an essential appliance in every home, a fridge freezer provides all of the great fresh storage facilities alongside brilliant frozen food storage. Fridge freezers work around the clock to ensure that you get the very best storage solutions for all of your family’s food. Refrigerators have come a long way since the debut of the egg holder and the butter bin.

We have many to choose from which will suit every budget and every storage need (At discount prices so you could get the best sale deals). Choose from standard models, beautiful Necht models and frost free models each containing excellent features and functions to help make your life easier. Look into flexible storage solutions including; adjustable shelves and deep door storage which allow you to make the most of the internal storage space. Anti bacterial coatings prevent the spread of bacteria across the appliance, keeping your food safe. (We got that for you and so much more!)

Built-in/Integrated fridge freezers

Built-in fridges are integrated into a kitchen cabinet and are hidden behind a door. Both under counter fridge and tall ones are available built-in, and often people prefer the clean look this gives to a kitchen. They sit behind kitchen cupboard doors to give a seamless look to your kitchen.

The best built-in models will chill groceries quickly to keep them fresher for longer, and offer plenty of storage space for fresh and frozen food. They have varying sizes of compartment. Most are similar in size to freestanding models – where the fridge is slightly larger than the freezer.

Freestanding fridge freezers

Freestanding fridge freezers are the most popular type available. They’re also the cheapest fridges and the easiest to fit into your kitchen.

Good freestanding models will chill groceries quickly to keep them fresher for longer and offer plenty of storage space for fresh and frozen food. It is cheaper than most of them as well as lower electricity costs. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and prices.

Today’s you can buy them in a range of colours and finishes, so you don’t have to settle for a white one. We offer a range of colours, and you can choose a silver, black or more colourful model to suit the style of your kitchen. These are usually a bit more expensive than the basic white option. A stainless steel or brushed steel finish looks stylish and will cost more. We have a wonderful state of the art line of Necht fridge freezers for sale to chose from that is sure to fit you perfectly as well. Our wholesale brought direct to your home (Yes, we got a fridge freezer sale).

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